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 Thank you for visiting my site, after 10 years of running the swimming school I am going to stop and any swimming lessons from September will be arranged through Plymswim (Josh Sumner).

I will be organising two crash courses over the summer holidays 8-12th August and 22-26th August. Please let me know if you are interested in booking one or both of these. 

Otherwise please contact Josh by email 

Learn to Swim

It is really important for everyone to be able to survive should they fall into the water, our lessons will take children and adults to the next levels of moving freely in the water, recognised swimming strokes, coaching and improving swimming, life saving techniques and introduction to other water based sports.

Living in Devon there are opportunities for everyone to be involved in water based sports to build strength, make friends and start a hobby that may last a lifetime. We would like to introduce our customers to other sports that will improve their confidence in and around water.

Adult Swim Coaching

Whether you want to improve your swimming for yourself or be more competitive in racing or particularly triathlons, you will improve with an individual training plan.


For information about Fort Stamford Health and or for other services they offer contact or phone on 01752 407999

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